Sweet Weddings – Expanding on the Sweet Table Trend

Sweet tables have been trending at weddings for some time now and they are still wildly popular. What if the sweet table trend was expanded to ensure your wedding was a sweet occasion from beginning to end. Think of the endless possibilities. Who doesn’t love chocolates and sweets of all kinds? More importantly, who doesn’t want to be an innovator, someone who latches on to a new trend, and is recognized as an early adopter of the latest wedding idea?


Let’s imagine a wedding that is elegant and fun, dazzling and tasty, and above all, unique. Walk through a wedding scenario that is a sweet indulgence for the bride and groom and their guests.


Start at the beginning, the receiving table is where guests are first introduced to the evening ahead. Why not make it a sweet beginning with a creative bride and groom centerpiece complete with a handcrafted wedding dress and tuxedo and enough chocolate to satisfy every guest’s sweet tooth. Just as the bride and groom are the centre of attention for the evening, this centerpiece would be the crowning glory of any receiving table.


Then, as guests enter the venue they are dazzled by floral arrangements on every table that beautifully enhance the table settings and blend perfectly with the colour scheme of your wedding. But wait, your guests are awestruck when they arrive at their table only to realize that the floral arrangements are uniquely intricate creations that meld high-end chocolates with flowers to create a work of art, and one that can be shared by everyone at the table – or by the person who takes home the centerpiece.


Commemorating the wedding by giving guests a bomboniere or favour is tradition at many weddings. It is always a challenge to find something meaningful and useful to give guests, especially if you are working within a budget. One thing we can be sure of, people love sweets. Consider some options that would blend nicely with a sweet motif wedding. Little bouquets of chocolates that become part of the centerpiece when placed at the table may be an elaborate and elegant idea. If budget is a concern then unique gold and silver boxes, little purses, or wishing wells filled with chocolates can be an economical yet scrumptious solution, and one that would be sure to dazzle everyone.


Of course, the pièce de résistance in a sweet motif wedding, the sweet table, would include something for every guest. Young or old, chocolate or candy lover, the sweet table would be a work of art, beautiful bouquets of chocolates, candies, and bubble gum, in the shape of flower pots, trees, champagne flutes, Eiffel towers, and more. it would be a smorgasbord of colour and tastes to satisfy even the most discerning guests.


Is your imagination running wild yet? Are you ready to be an innovator, the one in your group of friends that takes weddings to the next level? The possibilities are endless. Make your wedding a sweet occasion!

As published in the 2016 Dream Bride Magazine.